Blackstone Fortress Annual 2019 (EN)

Blackstone Fortress Annual 2019 (EN)
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The Blackstone Fortress is constantly in flux - new chambers are constantly opening,... mehr
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The Blackstone Fortress is constantly in flux - new chambers are constantly opening, providing extra challengers for explorers to overcome. Who knows what your next quest might reveal?

The Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress Annual is a 72-page softback book that introduces new content for your explorers to undertake and also brings together all of the Blackstone Fortress content from White Dwarf from December 2018 to December 2019.


  • Expanded Hostile Player Rules - Optional expanded rules to give the hostile player new tools to increase the difficulty of challenges and combats.
  • Abominable Intellect - Expanded rules content for using Abominable Intellect cards and taking on and levelling up the difficulty of the explorers' quests
  • Precipice Awaits - Expanded rules for the explorers to visit one of four areas of the port city of Precipice, where great treasures and peril await
  • Strike Force – Rules that allows players to play a game of Blackstone Fortress with fewer than four explorers
  • An Army of One - Rules for undertaking the challenge of the Blackstone Fortress alone, including additional rules for playing a Harlequin Solitaire in this style
  • Retinue Characters - Rules for using Retinue Characters in your games, including Expeditions Sidequests and rules for unlocking, recruiting, and using specific Retinue Characters in your games
  • Showcase - a miniatures showcase taking a look at Explorers, Retinue Characters, Servants of the Abyss and the Xenos Threat
  • Light in the Dark - A brand-new quest, following Taddeus the Purifier, for games with 1-3 players
  • A Deadly Lure - An extended quest for the explorers to undertake, as they try and lure an Ambull toward a chamber of the Blackstone Fortress that they cannot breach, in an attempt to plunder the riches within
  • Wrath of the Daemonkin - A brand-new quest where the explorers face down against a new
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