Symbaroum: Game Master's Screen

Symbaroum: Game Master's Screen
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The  Symbaroum Game Master’s Screen  has a robust cardboard core and has three... mehr
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The Symbaroum Game Master’s Screen has a robust cardboard core and has three landscape-oriented panels. The front is decorated with an original illustration by Järnringen'ss own Martin Grip (p.n.a. Bergström), and on the inside are tables and rules which are useful when playing-for instance a table that states how various abilities affect which attribute is used when attacking, defending and calculating initiative.


This product also includes the first printed edition of Adventure Pack 1, including three short texts: Treasure Hunts in DavokarThe Curse of the River Goddess and Blight Night–the first a treasure hunting guide/generator and the latter two being short one-shot adventures with a potential for developments.

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